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The spot for HE3D Printer Owners to exchange tips, information, parts and more!

HE3D sells kits that allow you to build your own delta style FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printer. Many parts of these printers are of fine quality right out of the box, but anything can be improved. Also, these printers have some quirks, and a dearth of instructions on how to assemble. These issues are a source of frustration for many a new builder. This wiki is aimed at being a central repository for documenting assembly, common problems, useful tricks and tips, upgrades, and anything else having to do with these printers.

Note that HE3D sells two versions of this delta printer: the K200 and the K280, with the K280 being larger (and runs on a 24V power supply instead of the 12V power supply of the K200). Much of the material here will apply to both printers, but not all of it -- so be sure you check to see if what you are reading applies to your version. And authors, please note if what you are writing is printer-specific.

There are also various options. For example, some of these printers have a heated bed and some do not. Some have multiple extruders, while some have one. It may be very confusing if you do not realize you are reading about a setup that does not parallel your own!

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