HE3D Delta Printer Owners Wiki

Problem :[]

Some HE3D delta k200 kits shipped with carriages where the effector rod bearing mounting spacing was 2mm wider than the rod bearing spacing on the effector. This in turn means that the effector rods are not parallel. When the effector rods are not parallel, the effector will tilt as it gets further away from the X,Y center point of the build plate. The tilting effector causes inaccurate printed part dimensions, problems for offset bed level probes, and dual extruder dragging the nozzles on the prints.

Finding the Problem on Your Printer :[]

If you have not assembled your printer yet, you can measure the distance of the mounting surfaces for the effector on both the carriages and the effector itself with calipers. If you already have assembled your printer, don't worry, as long as the bolts are the same, you can just measure the distance between the bolt heads instead of the mounting surfaces. They need to be exactly the same.

IMG 20170525 192534568.jpg
IMG 20170525 192724815 (1).jpg


Solution :[]

The solution to this problem unfortunately requires buying new screws and some washers that are not included with the kit from the manufacturer. As seen in the pictures above, in the stock set up, the bolt heads on the effector are almost touching each other. If you were to shim out the rods, the bolt heads would interfere with each other. Because of this, you will need to get bolts with counter-sunk heads on them. Even with the counter sunk bolt heads, they will be almost touching each other. (see picture below) You will also need to get the correct size washers. Here is a picture of how to correctly shim your effector with the new screws and washers that was provided by the manufacturer when this problem was brought to their attention.

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